Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Solar and Wind Powered Dryer

This is by no means a new idea but it deserving of rebirth. We found this clothesline on craigslist for free last spring. Every morning before I took the boys to the beach I would hang my laundry on the line. When we got home it would be fresh crisp and dry. Over the summer I grew to love this clothesline. It combined something I am not fond of (doing laundry) with something I love (being outside). It was my time of  peace and quiet and when I would put on my fresh smelling crunchy clothes it would remind me that I was saving energy.


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  2. I love it, it's a Hawaiian dryer! I try to hang as much as I can too. We have sun here almost all the time so we can hang our clothes all year round. The only thing I refuse to hang are my towels. I hate "crunchy" towels! I laughed when I read your post, it's my exact words. The clothes come out soft because I use fabric softener, but I do not put any in the towels, because they aren't as absorbent as I like them with the fabric softener.

    1. Hi Michelle, when we lived in Hawaii we used a clothesline too. I still have some sarongs that are bleached out from being on the line for to long :) 12 months of bikinis and sarongs, enjoy! I have not tried this but I found this link about using vinegar as a fabric softener. It may help with the residue that fabric softener leaves and I bet it would be cheaper :-)