Friday, March 15, 2013

American Waste, Waste less

My 4 year old and I took what he likes to call a "home school field trip" to American Waste yesterday. WOW!!! Their operation is nothing less then inspiring and impressive. We were taught about what we can recycle.  Almost everything is recyclable, all plastics, all types of paper, even pizza boxes. The rules of thumb we were given is "when in doubt recycle it". 

All of the trash is put on this crazy maze of contraptions that sorts out recyclables and approx 38% is recovered to be recycled. Recyclables that come in sorted are run though separately from trash on this same "maze" and approx 99% is recycled!!

American Waste also creates their own compost they use as a top soil in the landfill. The cleaner the recyclables are the more value they have when they are sold. Therefore we will be better about cleaning and separating our recyclables to show our support for this business that is locally owned, employees so many and is doing awesome things for the environment. Who is your waste company? Are they making an initiative to be green? Something to think about...

Just the choosing your waste company wisely could make a huge difference on the environmental footprint you are making.