Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Up-Cycled House Project

It has been awhile since I last posted. Life's craziness grabbed a hold of my life and took over. In April of 2013 we bought a second home. We decided we would weekly vacation rental it out for the summer. This lovely spot of ours took our every morning into the late evenings. Cleaning, painting every inch of the house, roofing, pulling out a chimney, yard work and the list goes on. My goal was to furnish 2,400 square feet of home with buying as little as possible. This involved a lot of thrift shopping, dumpster diving and donations from friends. Just when we would think we were going to have to buy something new we would miraculously come across what we needed. An example being beds. We could not figure out how we were going to fill this house with beds that were nice enough and clean enough to use in our rental when some good friends that were down sizing their home gifted us all of the beds for the home. A similar situation happened as I was panicking about how I was going to fill the kitchen with all of the supplies needed for our guests when a good friend called and said they would be selling a family cottage and I was welcome to have all of the kitchen supplies. Call it luck, but when these things happen I feel so provided for. This awesome community I live in really supports the efforts to be eco friendly. In the end we bought new white towels and linens for the cleanliness of our guests. We also bought all of the paint and roofing supplies. Here are a few photos what our up-cycled home looks like. I look forward to posting more regularly in 2014!
This oven was given to me by my uncle. It replaced a huge double oven.
This funky orange chair is one of my favorite garage sale finds.
The chandelier we found and spray painted. My Mom made this fun mirror from old tile samples. 

We painted all of these floors for a fun, easy to clean option. The rugs were made of my friends child
hood clothing, 60 years old and just needed a few repairs.

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