Monday, February 11, 2013

Reducing waste at the grocery store.

Grocery Shopping..... There are a few reasons it is not on the top of my "favorite things to do list". My biggest frustration is looking at labels while my little hooligans push the mini carts around, darting out in front of the elderly. Ahhh grocery etiquette is an ongoing teaching point in our family.  Recently I have enjoyed paying attention to reducing my waste in the grocery store. Taking notice of how products are packaged. Opting for cardboard over plastic and big over small containers.  Then looking at how much gas it has taken the product to get to our grocery store. We have recently decided we will buy all of our milk locally. We want to put our money where our mouth is :-) Shelter Family Dairy is a local business with many reasons to support them. The milk is healthier to drink, tastes better, is in glass reusable bottles and with their mission statement being:
"We at Shetler Family Dairy would love to be your personal farmer
Making you feel at home when you visit
Bringing you the healthiest, tastiest milk
products from happy cows
That will make you smile
Created by our care of the soil, animals and resources
that God has given us
To leave it better for the next generation of
farmers and community"

The milk costing a bit more it well worth the benefits. We have decided to drink one gallon of milk instead of two per week. And in the end we will have better milk, less waste, drink more water and support a local business that cares. I know that Shetler Family Dairy may not be a local business for you but I urge you to look at local business's that are doing good and support them. I am on the hunt for more! Please send some my way :-)

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